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Conference Banqueting and Event Management – LT5F20GN assignment sample is a part of Hospitality Management course at London Metropolitan College. Explore the assignment sample of Conference Banqueting and Event Management to get a clear insight about it.

Conference Banqueting and Event Management - LT5F20GN


Event management or planners are a group of people that arrange, plan and set up an entire event for other people. This is popular all over the world. These event planners plan all kinds of events such as marriage ceremonies, conferences, official meetings, birthday parties etc. This is very effective and time saving for the ones hosting the event. As they are busy with many other things, the planners plan the entire event, select and decorate the venue, prepare the banquet etc. Having it done by professional planners gives the event a different touch.

A personal reflective statement about different types of events that I have experienced in my educational and practical knowledge. 


A conference is a thread of consecutive formal meetings that are commenced over several days with a group of people that share the same interest.


The banquet is a large catering activity where food and beverages are served to a fixed number of people on a pre-fixed date and time on an agreed menu and price.


  • Making a good first impression
  • Time management 
  • International etiquettes and traditions
  • Manners and attitude
  •  Staying professional


  • Putting on a poker face
  • Not being responsive
  • Being Ryde with the helpers


For any event planning business, it is very important to market their prior work. To showcase their abilities as event planners. To do so, the best and most effective way is digital marketing.  Social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram are the sole market. And their many customers are attracted. And in the office, it is necessary to have a book to show to the clients so that they can get an idea of what they want and if the planners can make it happen. 

  • A fixed-rate
  • A flat fee
  • Percentage of profit
  • Hourly + expenses 
  • Bundle pricing


Event planners tend to keep a track of their bookings. To, Figure out profits and expenses. Function sheet as to how they work, policies and packages etc. Having connections with relevant people is also a crucial part of this job. For example, the local shop sells a good variety of fabrics at a reasonable price. Being keen to meet the clients’ expectations. The events that they set up or plan are very close to and meaningful to the clients. 

  • Platter service
  • Buffet service
  • Family style service
  • Plate service


In the end, it can be said that the job event planners do is a critical one. They don’t only work to make an earning but also to make someone’s special day or an important event happen. For the commercial business event, planners are like genies as they don’t have the time to put together an event with top-notch management and decorations. However, as event planners, the ones involved should always keep their client’s expectations at the forefront. While working they should always follow the etiquette. 

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