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Cobbs Farm co can analyze the macro-environmental factors’ impact on its business through a PESTLE analysis. This PESLE analysis of Cobbs Farm will help the students to learn the external factors and how Cobbs Farm deal with their PESTLE Factors.


Political: The factors that relate to the government or a country’s public affairs is categorized as a political factor. The UK government has given a lot of incentives and liberals to SME businesses like Cobbs Farm Co. Since farming is environmentally sustainable and consists of insemination services farmers are not obliged to pay VAT but can pay if they are willing to. The government is launching constantly new programs to develop the farming sector of the country and the recent environmental policy is to reduce the administrative burden for which Cobbs Farm Co can perform its business without taking many hazards. Since British farmers provide high-quality food on the people’s plates the labor policy of farmers has been reinforced by the government. Cobbs Farm Co may face a major disadvantage regarding the political conflicts that often happen in the city. This may hamper Cobbs Farm Co.’s transportation and distribution channels. Although, considering other aspects, the political condition is favorable for Cobbs Farm Co.

Economic: The factors that deal with production, consumption, and distribution of goods and services are categorized under economic factors. In the UK monthly GDP grew by 8.7% which means the economy of the UK is progressing very well. And a progressed economy means people have more income to raise their living standards and buy better foods which in turn brings more consumers for Cobbs Farm Co. The Bank of England currently charges an agricultural mortgage at 2.75 – 4% per annum. Since the interest raised increased Cobbs Farm Co’s cost of borrowing is increased and the company may face a lot of financial pressure. The increased supply and demand have made the exchange rate strong for which Cobbs Farm Co may experience better currency for exporting the goods. The inflation rate in 2019 was 1.79% which came down to 1.19%. That means, the purchasing power is gradually decreasing that may not outcome favorable for Cobbs Farm Co. Agriculture is a significant contributor to the Economy. Although some factors of the UK economy are not favorable towards Cobbs Farm Co, the company may reap better benefits for their effort towards GDP.

Social: The factors that include customs, beliefs, or social values of a demographic region, is considered as Social Factors. The UK consists of diverse people from all around the world. People are becoming health conscious day by day and Cobbs Farm Co is meeting the standard of such people. The UK population is growing by 0.6% which means the number of consumers is increasing for quality food products. The citizens are child, young, adult, or old, everyone is Cobbs Farm Co base consumer since they deal with daily nutrition requirements. The citizens are well educated and well aware of nutrition, quality, and healthy products which turns to be a positive factor for Cobbs Farm Co. 

Technological: The impact of technology and technological advancement over a certain business is considered a technological factor.  Cobbs Farm co is impacted by technological advancements. The company can use research and development to speed up the irrigation, and fertilization process. Communication for Cobbs Farm Co has become much easier with development in transportation and roadways. Cobbs Farm Co. can use inbound and outbound marketing techniques like SEO, CRO, Social media marketing, etc. to promote the product over digital and mobile technologies. The IP right has allowed Cobbs Farm Co to protect its business patent, Copywrite, and other confidentiality.

Environmental: The natural and ecological factors that impact a business is termed environmental issues. Cobbs farm Co requires an adequate supply of fertilizers, seeds, and other materials which Cobbs Farm Co makes abundant in its farm through the recycling process. Since Cobbs Farm Co works with plants, and animals or insects that are good for nature, the business impacts in reducing pollution and green gas emissions. Cobbs Farm Co also maintains business ethics like providing food at reasonable prices, avoiding sort of illegal methods, and many more. A natural disaster is a major threat for Cobbs Farm Co since it can damage the farm

Legal: The rules and regulations that a business must abide by are termed as legal factors. Cobbs Farm Co must ensure the health and safety regulations of the laborers. If any labor is harmed in the workplace, he will receive medical benefits along with an insurance policy from the company. Cobbs Farm Co should be aware of accidental issues in farming and make the laborers conscious. The farm should have a trading license and business permits from the administrative authority. The company needs to label the products appropriately and abide by product safety requirements and ensure no harmful chemical is used in the farming process.

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