SWOT Analysis of Starlink

SWOT Analysis of Starlink. Star link is a satellite based internet service. Elon Musk is the founder of Starlink and also the founder of SpaceX and Tesla. From this SWOT Analysis we will discover the strength, weakness, opportunity and threats of Starlink.

Strengths of Starlink

  • Starlink internet will perform best in rural or remote areas without landline internet options like DSL, cable, or fibre. Elon Musk wants Starlink internet to bridge the digital divide in rural and remote areas, not replace existing urban internet options. It is the biggest strength of Starlink Satellite Internet because the existing Internet system is too costly and weak in rural and remote areas.
  • Starlink provides 50-500 Mbps Internet whereas Viasat and HughesNet provide 12- 100 Mbps only
  • People will get to use unlimited data from Starlink
  • Starlink is a satellite-based Internet service, so people will be able to use uninterrupted and super fast internet service, which is currently not possible everywhere.
  • Starlink has lower latency than Viasat and HughesNet, which makes activities like gaming on satellite internet easier
  • Starlink has an easy self-installation process that doesn’t require a tech to come to your home.

Weakness of Starlink

  • Starlink is only in its beta phase right now and only has a fraction of its satellites launched. This means that for the time being, most people don’t have access to it. There’s a thin strip of latitude in only a few countries that can even sign up.
  • Most satellite systems lose signals in heavy rain. Though Starlink says it will not lose it, it will be the biggest concern for its users who are planning to switch their internet service.
  • Availability is the biggest weakness of Starlink now. Because it is available only in some countries of the world and not available in all the regions of these countries.
  • If you plan to use Starlink you have to spend $599 for its equipment installation(one time), and a monthly $110 service charge, which is higher than the regular internet service.
  • People are experiencing weak internet connections than its promised internet speed because Starlink couldn’t send all their satellites to space. It will take time to send all the satellites to cover the whole world, till then people will not get to experience its all benefits.

Opportunity of Starlink

  • The biggest opportunity for Starlink is they don’t have to spend more to cover the rural or remote areas of any country. They will be able to cover each corner of the world at the same cost. It will increase their user globally when it will start covering all over the world.
  • Traditional internet still is costly in underprivileged countries. Star link’s biggest opportunity is, that they will easily cover those areas and increase their user base, if they can increase the availability of the internet user will automatically be increased everywhere.

Threats of Starlink

  • Astronomers are interfering with the starting and claiming that a vast amount of satellites will ruin the view for the public. It will make it harder to spot asteroids.
  • When Starlink sends all of its satellites to space, it will ruin the night sky. The  vast amount of satellites will be filling the night sky with artificial lights
  • SpaceX recently fired the 2,000th Starlink satellite into orbit. The vast number of these devices has raised concerns about collisions with other objects in space. The issue caused uproar in China after the Tiangong space station reportedly had two near misses involving the satellites.
  • In August 2021, a leading space debris expert told Space.com that Starlink satellites are involved in about 50% of close encounters between two spacecraft.
  • Satellite mega-constellations including SpaceX’s Starlink are now a WORSE threat to astronomy than light pollution, experts warn. Mega-constellations of low Earth orbit satellites, including SpaceX Starlink and Amazon Kuiper, are a ‘worse threat to astronomy than light pollution,
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