Last chance to Study in UK with Dependents November intake 2023

Embarking on a journey of higher education is a remarkable decision, and when your loved ones are part of that journey, the experience becomes even more fulfilling. For those who missed the conventional September intake, there’s a golden opportunity on the horizon. The UK universities are ushering in a distinctive November intake in 2023, presenting your last chance to embark on this academic voyage with your dependents. Let’s explore the intricacies of this opportunity, understand the tuition fees, and facilities, and get a glimpse of the costs of living.

Diverse Destinations of Learning: UK Universities Offering November Intake 2023

University of Brighton

Known for its commitment to innovation and excellence, the University of Brighton extends its offerings through the November intake. A range of bachelor’s and master’s programs, from business to engineering, awaits your exploration. With tuition fees aligned at competitive rates, this institution understands the significance of family. Family-friendly accommodations and supportive guidance for housing options make sure that your dependents are well taken care of.

Coventry University Offering November Intake 2023

Coventry University stands tall as an institution that prioritizes innovation and global engagement. With the November intake, the university enables you to choose from a diverse range of programs, from business to engineering. Tuition fees for bachelor’s programs typically range from £13,000 to £16,000 per year, while master’s programs come in at £14,000 to £17,000 per year. This esteemed institution understands the importance of family, offering family-friendly accommodations and guiding you towards suitable housing options for your dependents. 

University of Lincoln: Offering November Intake 2023

 A place where education meets inspiration, the University of Lincoln invites you to partake in the November intake. Diverse fields such as business, education, and social sciences open their doors for you. While tuition fees vary, this university’s dedication to your holistic experience remains constant. Family-friendly accommodations, coupled with assistance in finding suitable housing for your dependents, showcase their commitment to your family’s comfort.

University of Westminster

The University of Westminster has always been a hub of academic excellence and cultural diversity. Through the November intake, you can select from a variety of bachelor’s and master’s programs that resonate with your aspirations. Tuition fees for bachelor’s programs average around £13,500 to £15,000, while master’s programs range between £14,500 to £16,000. The university takes pride in its commitment to inclusivity, with family-friendly accommodations available and educational facilities for your dependents conveniently located. 

University of Law

Nurturing Families For those on the path to becoming legal professionals, the University of Law offers an exceptional opportunity through the November intake. While the tuition fees may vary, the university’s dedication to nurturing your legal acumen remains consistent. Whether you’re pursuing a law degree or a related field, the University of Law ensures your academic journey is enriched by providing family-friendly accommodations and ensuring your dependents have access to necessary amenities.

University of South Wales Offering November Intake 2023

A hub of diversity and academic excellence, the University of South Wales offers an array of programs through the November intake. From business to engineering and healthcare, you have a spectrum of choices. Tuition fees, tailored to your aspirations, make this opportunity even more attractive. The university ensures that family considerations are not overlooked, providing family-friendly accommodations and essential facilities for your dependents.

Oxford Brookes University:

 A distinguished name in academia, Oxford Brookes University extends its offerings to the November intake. With programs spanning business, engineering, and law, you’re presented with a host of possibilities. Tuition fees aligned with quality education and facilities make this institution stand out. Accommodations that cater to families and guidance for housing options underline their commitment to your dependents’ well-being.

Keele University

For those seeking comprehensive education, Keele University’s November intake offers an array of bachelor’s and master’s programs. Whether in business, education, or health sciences, you’ll find a program aligned with your aspirations. Tuition fees that reflect value and family-friendly accommodations ensure that your loved ones are part of your journey.

Birmingham City University

 A place where education shapes futures, Birmingham City University invites you to embrace the November intake. With programs in business, fashion, and law, you have the platform to excel. Tuition fees tailored to your chosen path and family-friendly accommodations highlight their commitment to your family’s comfort.

City University London

A realm of academic excellence, City University London presents a variety of programs through the November intake. Whether in business, computer science, or media, your possibilities are vast. Tuition fees that mirror the value of education, coupled with family-friendly accommodations, ensure your family’s journey is just as enriching.

University of Greenwich

 A name synonymous with quality education, the University of Greenwich extends its offerings through the November intake. Programs in business, engineering, and maritime studies await your exploration. Tuition fees that align with your aspirations and family-friendly accommodations make this institution a promising choice.

University of Sunderland

 An institution committed to nurturing minds, the University of Sunderland invites you to embrace the November intake. With programs spanning business, education, and healthcare, you have a world of choices. Tuition fees designed to empower your educational pursuit, alongside family-friendly accommodations, make this journey all-encompassing.

Grab Your Last Chance to Bring Dependents

The November intake of 2023 signifies not only an academic journey but a transformative experience for your family. The list of universities, including the University of Brighton, the University of Lincoln, the University of South Wales, Oxford Brookes University, Keele University, Birmingham City University, City University London, the University of Greenwich, and the University of Sunderland, beckons you with programs that resonate with your aspirations. From reasonable tuition fees to family-friendly accommodations, these institutions acknowledge the significance of family in your journey. Seize this last chance to bring your dependents along and embark on an educational adventure that promises holistic growth and cherished memories.


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